Enhypen announces Nov. 17 comeback with 'Orange Blood'

건강 2023-12-05 03:08:05 95

Boy band Enhypen is returning with a new album in November.

Belift Lab on Monday announced the group would drop its fifth EP "Orange Blood" on Nov. 17, its first release since "Dark Blood" in May.

Ahead of the official announcement, the company uploaded a trailer for the upcoming album on the band's social media.

"You and I are connected through 'Blood,'" reads a message on the video, hinting the next album will continue the blood-themed story that began with "Dark Blood."

Enhypen has been shaping its narrative-building universe since its debut in November 2020, inviting listeners into a world of imagination as they experience the songs.

With "Dark Blood," the group incorporated the story it has been telling through its web-comic series, "Dark Moon: The Blood Altar." The online comic is an Enhypen-inspired fantasy romance thriller launched by Hybe -- Belift Lab's parent company -- as part of its original contents business.

"Orange Blood" will embrace more creative elements utilizing Enhypen's intellectual property and introduce new content that could provide a road map for K-pop's future, Belift Lab added in Monday's statement.




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